The bigger, more expensive, brother to the 8".  Operates at F12. This is the instrument recently successfully commissioned at the Custer Institute in Southold, Long Island New York.

The Zero 10 offers exceptional visible images, like its smaller brother, but the additional aperture increases the potential magnification and resolution obviously. There is a slight performance improvement over the 8" version.  This scope is a beast, but despite its size (16", 378mm diameter, 78", 1981m long), it weighs less than 40 pounds (18kg) in its carbon fibre tube (cost option)

List price is $16,000, delivered in the CONUS. Supplied with focuser, mounting plates, guidescope and a mount to suit another guidescope or reflex sight.

Optional extras: carbon fibre tube.

10 inch std spot diagram
10 inch std RIC
10 inch std MTF