Our Story

Working for over 30 years in engineering and science, we decided it was time to finally make and sell what we always played with when we had our other business. Welcome to Ahasaki

Meet the Team

Lizzy and Steve Taylor emigrated from the UK to the USA in 2014. They are now beginning to live the American dream in central PA.

Before emigrating Lizzy and Steve ran a scientific instrument design company in the UK. The company was bought out by a major US company, and Steve was part of the deal.

Lizzy is president of Ahasaki, with a career in managing our previous company. For many years she ran our previous company's back office, as well as making frequent visits abroad on service and sales trips.

Lizzy was responsible for handling the whole of our recent emigration journey, being abandoned in the UK for nearly another year whilst Steve took up his post in the USA

Steve is an English registered chartered electronic engineer. After graduating in 1985, Steve joined his father's company, and worked there for 29 years. The death of Steve's father in 2011 took the fun out of it, and when the opportunity to move to the USA came along, he seized it with both hands.